Gibson Consulting Group: Improving the management and effectiveness of public education.

About Gibson Consulting Group

Gibson Consulting Group is an Austin, Texas-based firm specializing in the K-12 education market. Having worked in over 250 school systems in 22 states over the past 22 years, six of the largest twelve in the United States, our firm has developed a reputation for delivering high-quality assistance to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of K-12 education at the state, regional and school district levels.

Since our formation in 1992, we’ve assisted clients in identifying over $500 million in savings by improving productivity and eliminating inefficiencies.

We help school systems change the way they manage.

School systems often spend thousands of dollars on eminently qualified consultants only to find themselves unchanged years later. At Gibson Consulting Group we know that actually acting on recommended changes if often the hardest part. That's why our focus is on helping school systems change the way they mangage. Schools have been mandated to require accountability and performance measurements of its students for years, and soon the government will require the same of the systems that support them. Are you ready? Most are not. The bottom line is that you can change - and we can help. When we do our part, it means you can focus on the most important part: giving your students the best education possible.

We have broad experience in public education.

Our work in public education includes a wide range of services that only enhance our ability to analyze the effectiveness and efficiency of school system organizational and management practices. This work includes: efficiency review; organizational analysis; performance-based budgeting; technology department assessments; financial investigations; strategic planning and the design and development of decision support tools.

We are on the forefront of new ideas for K-12 education.

We evaluate web-based sofware products for student learning, student information systems as well as human resource and business systems and know what these new technologies offer in terms of streamlining opportunities. Over the past two years we have developed and implemented data visualization tools to increase the capability and ease the burden of analyzing vast amounts of student achievement and operational data.

We apply a data oriented approach.

We are very knowledgeable of data needed to analyze efficiency, and have particular expertise with state and school district data systems. The public nature of this work required attention to ensure that accurate data support each suggested savings opportunity. Our experience and our highly structured approach to data analysis and verifcation substantially reduce this risk to our clients.

We can help you change.

We have particular experience in helping school systems change the way they plan, budget, and hold themselves accountable. We help in the development of data systems to support school systems, and the training of department heads to better analyze their own operations and results.

When it comes to public education operations, we are first in our class. What separates us from other consultants is our unique combination of relevant educational experience, proven results, and our ability to perform within the budgetary limits associated with public education.