AVID for Higher Education Shows Positive Student Outcomes When Used Well

Marshall Garland

Joseph Shields

Two of our researchers, Joseph Shields and Marshall Garland (pictured on the right), recently wrote an article for the National College Access Network that outlines the findings from the ongoing multi-year evaluation of the AVID College Completion Program.

Student survey results from the study reveal that when students experienced high levels of student-centered teaching and content, they were significantly more … read more.

Can Project Based Learning (PBL) Be a More Effective Strategy for A.P. Teaching and Learning?

AP course teachers know the challenges that come with covering all the content necessary to prepare students for an AP exam. This often leads to reliance on classroom strategies that stress memorization like lecture and notetaking rather than those that foster sophisticated thinking and communication – skills that students need to be successful in college and beyond. Some schools and districts across the country have been experimenting with employing PBL strategies to help teachers move beyond the traditional “transmission” approach to teaching. … read more.