Gibson Consulting Group: Your Performance at a Glance.

Decision Support Tools

We use cutting-edge technology to analyze the endless amounts of school system data and convert that data into meaningful management information. We collaborate with you to establish measures and tools that consistently and efficiently display performance.

Our decision-support tools help you quickly identify performance and trends at a glance – a convenient alternative to reading stacks of printed reports. With our tools, you can also drill down to lower-level details. Dashboards are customizable to display only the information you need, but flexible enough to include hundreds of data points.

Transforming Numbers into Tangible Actions.

Our technology works for you, supporting decision-making at all levels of the organization. You get as generalized or as detailed a view as you wish, in a format that strikes a chord with every participant.

The illustrations below show, in a snapshot, how student subgroups in an organization are performing in reading and math. Green squares indicate performance above targets, black squares are right on target, and red squares are below target.

Issues are easily identified with the click of a button.

Reading ProClarityMath ProClarity Screenshot