Case Studies

  • Performance-Based Budgeting

    The performance measurement system that Gibson Consulting Group created for a suburban school system addressed all areas of operations. The performance measurement system was developed interactively with the goal of building an internal performance auditing capability (as opposed to outside studies) and changing the way the school system budgeted to be more performance-based. Gibson maintains the performance measurement system and assists in data definition and collection, analyzing variances, identifying opportunities for improvement, and presenting results to the School Board.

  • Enterprise Resource Planning System Implementation Assistance

    After more than two years of struggling to implement its Human Resources and Payroll modules on its own, one major urban school system hired Gibson Consulting Group to provide the needed guidance and expertise to get the project back on track. Gibson overcame serious technical issues, developed an effective decision-making framework, and employed structured project management methodologies for in-house management as well as vendor development and configuration efforts. Gibson successfully navigated the highly-charged political environment and built the necessary trust across all departments to drive the project to completion.

  • Internal Audit  

    Upon the retirement of its long-serving Chief Financial Officer, a rapidly growing suburban school district sought an independent assessment of its Procurement function.  Gibson consultants developed a comprehensive program that included the review of purchasing and payable information systems and existing policies and procedures. The audit also included interviews of central office and campus personnel, examination of individual purchasing documents, and focused data analyses.  Our final report laid out over twenty specific recommendations for improvements in procurement organization, internal controls and information security. 

  • Change Management  

    After being subject to consultant studies for more than a decade without much change, a suburban system hired Gibson Consulting Group to identify the root causes of stagnation. Gibson designed a decision-making framework, and mapped out a change management and communications strategy to get the organization moving forward.