Gibson Consulting Group: Build a Better School System

Efficiency Analysis

We can help your organization more efficiently deliver programs and services. We help school systems align their organizational structures to improve accountability, and re-engineer processes at the central office and school-level to be more efficient. Our goal is to help create an environment with an organizational culture that motivates change.


We help school systems build their own efficiency measurement systems, and assist them in analyzing variances, understanding the causes, and jointly arriving at practical solutions to improve efficiency. We have experience understanding all aspects of efficiency analysis, including (1) identification of efficiency measures (2) definition of specific data elements (3) design of data integrity procedures (4) analysis of variances (5) training/coaching of district administrators (6) identification of opportunities to improve efficiency, and (7) presentations to district leadership and the board.


Our work has resulted in savings of up to 9 percent of system operating budgets without jeopardizing the quality of instruction.

Other areas of expertise include:

  • Organization Studies
  • Cost Savings Analysis and the introduction of best practices
  • Process Improvement
  • Evaluation of Cost-Effectiveness of Instructional Programs
  • Efficiency Analysis Training

Over the past 15 years our recommendations have saved school districts over $500 million dollars.

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