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Internal Audit

We help school systems protect their organization by assisting in uncovering weak internal controls and potential misuse of funds.



SUPPORTING SCHOOLS, INCREASING EFFICIENCY. Internal auditing can help school districts save money, increase efficiency, and help ensure secure operations. 

HOW INTERNAL AUDITS CAN HELP. An internal audit offers a district protection by identifying issues before they become headlines and putting into place procedures and protocols that safeguard the school board and staff. An internal audit can: 


An internal audit can:


  • Supplement and support existing internal audit functions. Larger school systems have an in-house internal auditor. Gibson provides additional auditing support to already-stretched staff and guides school boards in focusing on areas of significant concern to the school district. 
  • Increase efficiencies. A well-done internal audit looks not only at financial risks but also at processes and controls that inhibit school system efficiency. This service provides a breadth of coverage beyond traditional, more limited, internal audit functions. 
  • Help ensure secure school system operations. Gibson's internal audit service is intended to provide school boards and superintendents with assurance that safeguards are in place to protect school systems' financial resources and assets. 
  • Save money. Though we cannot make promises, internal audits have often saved money for school systems.  


We can help your school system with:

  • Risk assessment
  • Internal controls and processes
  • Compliance audits
  • Asset verification
  • Fraud investigation
  • Performance audit
  • Targeted audits of board-identified functional and program areas
  • Follow-up audits
  • Complete internal audit outsourcing