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Strategic Planning

We help school systems integrate strategic planning, performance measurement and budgeting to more easily reach goals within limited financial resources and support accountability.


Gibson Consulting Group can help you develop and/or refine your strategic plan so that it effectively drives the activities required to achieve goals and objectives.

Often the end result of a strategic planning process is a nicely bound document that sits on a shelf, gathering dust until management decides to start the process again. Gibson is dedicated to taking all of the mystery and most of the challenges out of the process, helping your organization develop a strategic plan that will allow you to focus on why you do what you do, deal more effectively with the changing regulatory landscape, prioritize resource allocation, and establish goals and objectives that are both realistic and measurable.



Gibson offers many choices in assisting you with your strategic planning process, including:

  • Evaluating Existing Plans
  • Facilitating the Planning Process
  • Writing the Strategic Plan
  • Creating a Balanced Scorecard
  • Guiding Plan Implementation
  • Monitoring Plan Progress

We will partner with you to ensure that your plan will never be set down long enough to gather dust.

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