Survey Research

Survey Design/Development

  • Canvass the research landscape for appropriate existing measures
  • Modify existing instruments to meet the needs of our client's particular projects
  • Develop surveys that meet our client's unique needs

 Survey Administration/Data Collection

  • Develop sampling frameworks
  • Advise on necessary sample sizes and response rates for obtaining statistically reliable data
  • Survey administration methods:
    • Online (direct invitation via email, common surveys with public URLs, forwarded invitations (e.g., snowball sampling))
    • Paper/Pencil (using Machine Readable Format methods (i.e., scannable forms)
    • Telephone surveys
    • Mixed-method administration combining two or three survey formats
    • Develop creative solutions to meet our client's needs, including communication and outreach strategies

Data Analysis

  • Conduct sophisticated statistical analysis for clients who have already collected their own data
  • Analyze data collected through our own survey administration process
  • Analytic methods used:
    • Cross-sectional analysis
    • Longitudinal analysis
    • Descriptive and inferential statistical approaches (chi-square, t-tests, ANOVA, Hierarchical Linear Modeling, regression, etc.)
    • Qualitative analysis of open-ended survey data

Data Reporting 

  • Create reports for clients that are graphic in nature and easy to read
  • Work with clients to find the appropriate degree of technicality in our writing to suit various audiences
  • Transform static, tabled data into interactive dynamic data visualizations, where results are displayed and manipulated with the click of a mouse
    • Examine comparisons of interest
    • Visualize results using bar graphs, pie charts, heat maps, and other useful graphics that allow the user to configure details
    • Drill-down capabilities that enable "slicing" data by any dimension desired
    • Aid decision-making by allowing the client to examine resulting data in unique and unbounded ways
    • Deliver to client in web-based format that can be shared with an unlimited number of users via inter- or intra- net.
  • Create recommendations based on survey findings rooted in our firm's vast experience providing educational consulting to school districts and state education agencies.

Survey Topics Previously Addressed

  • Community satisfaction with district and school decision-making
  • Perceptions of quality and effectiveness of professional development
  • Satisfaction with special education services
  • School climate
  • Challenges and barriers faced by adult students in achieving degree completion
  • Utilization of technology in the classroom
  • Staff satisfaction with district infrastructure, workplace environment, district strategic plan, supervisor relationships, compensation and benefits
  • Early childhood programs, supports, and training
  • School and college level program offerings
  • Perceptions of quality and effectiveness of systems and supports for school improvement efforts
  • User satisfaction with curriculum management systems
  • Quality and effectiveness of schools' use of data to make data-driven decisions
  • Satisfaction with Supplemental Education Services
  • Degree of program implementation achieved (specific to the grant or program being evaluated)
  • Perceptions of quality and effectiveness of principal certification programs
  • Student engagement in afterschool program offerings