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Technology Consulting

We help school systems determine technology needs, develop Request for Proposals, evaluate vendors and products, and successfully implement software. Our combination of technical experience and education industry knowledge help ensure user and technology needs are met.



Gibson technology services help school systems make technology decisions that increase efficiency, improve user satisfaction and save money. The Gibson team has extensive knowledge of school district organization, operations, policies, budgets, and state and national reporting standards. We are sensitive to the unique environments in which school districts operate, as well as the fiscal constraints that can impact how development efforts are prioritized and decided upon. We have been involved in all aspects of the software selection life cycle including requirements definition, database and user interface design, process re-engineering and implementation.

Our areas of technology expertise include:

Software Maximization

Examples of the functionality of modern programs are everywhere, but sometimes in difficult financial times, replacing software at your district is not an option. During the system implementation, your district likely had to pick and choose where to focus their efforts, as well as the efforts of staff and vendor consultants. This can sometimes mean that all available system could not be in place for "go-live". Additionally, during the hectic time period surrounding the system implementation, staff may not have been able to adequately focus on re-engineering departmental and district policies and processes to make the most of the new system's functionality.  

We can help you to maximize the usage of your existing software by evaluating your current policies, processes, and system usage to identify operational efficiencies, training needs, and under-utilized system functionality. Our recommendations will focus on reducing redundancies in processes, shrinking the amount of manual paperwork, and making the most of any existing software. Further, our analysts and functional experts can provide the desired level of support in the execution of our recommendations - from creating an implementation strategy, to assisting district staff in accomplishing the actual implementation

System Requirements Definition and Software Selection

We can guide your organization through the requirements definition and software selection process using a structured and proven methodology designed to ensure that the needs of all stakeholders in your organization are considered. We utilize state-of-the-art software in our analysis, which streamlines and adds structure to the software evaluation process. With this software, we can effectively analyze large volumes of data in order to arrive at an unbiased, informed, accurate, "apples to apples" comparison of vendor solutions. Additionally, we bring to the process a unique, third-party perspective and an in-depth knowledge of education that allows us to effectively help you arrive at a decision that makes sense.

Systems Implementation Assistance

System implementations are extremely complex and demanding projects. In addition to being time-intensive, they often demand skill-sets which may not reside in your organization. We have skilled project managers and analysts who can provide the guidance and expertise needed to keep your project on track.

Technology Department Reviews

The Gibson technology team is highly experienced in conducting reviews and assessments that look at the strategic aspects of an IT department including staffing, organization, vision, goals and objectives, planning, and training. Our reviews also cover functional and operational areas such as technical support, local and wide area networks, bandwidth utilization, security, hardware and software, programming and development. We can perform a broad review that covers all aspects of your IT organization or a targeted review which focuses on a few key areas needing attention.

Other Technology Service Available:

  • Long-Range Technology Planning
  • Software Quality Assurance
  • System Feasibility Assistance
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