Marshall Garland

Joseph Shields

Two of our researchers, Joseph Shields and Marshall Garland (pictured on the right), recently wrote an article for the National College Access Network that outlines the findings from the ongoing multi-year evaluation of the AVID College Completion Program.

Student survey results from the study reveal that when students experienced high levels of student-centered teaching and content, they were significantly more likely to say the course made them more confident in their abilities to be successful college students. Those students in turn were also more likely to say that they would participate in peer study groups and access postsecondary resources that can help them succeed in college. The study provides preliminary evidence that when implementation fidelity and programmatic intentionality are in place, consistently positive student persistence results are observed at institutions of higher education.

Mr. Shields will be presenting study results at the upcoming Conference on Higher Education Pedagogy in February 2018 (

Follow the link above or click the image below to read the full article.