Data quality is mission critical to the success of any major organization. School districts are no different. They generate a lot of data. For instance, they generate academic, financial, staffing, and other data from various functional areas, including transportation, food services, custodial services, and all the other functions of a school district. This data can drive funding levels, funding eligibility, resource allocation decisions, program decisions, and other important aspects of managing a school system. School districts must also comply with federal and state regulations, which requires the reporting of accurate data. In many instances, superintendents must individually sign off on the accuracy of data. (more…)

When most people hear the term dashboard, they probably think about speed dials and other indicators on the control panel of their vehicle. In recent years, data dashboards have gained popularity, and many people see them as similar to those indicators on their car, informing them about the status of a particular function or area of interest. At Gibson, dashboards mean something more. To us, dashboards represent a journey of discovery that ultimately ends in the telling of a story (more…)