Performance/Internal Audit

Gibson helps school systems improve their efficiency, effectiveness, and compliance through two primary service areas – Performance Audits and Internal Audits. Performance Audits include the analysis of school district’s staffing, expenditures, quality of services, process efficiency, organizational structures, and use of information systems. These projects often result in cost savings to the district’s general fund that can be redirected towards academic programming or used to reduce expected budget deficits. Instead of across the board budget cuts applied by many school systems, Gibson’s performance audits target areas of inefficiency to provide financial relief.

Gibson’s Internal Audit services are similar to its performance audit services in that they review efficiency and effectiveness at the department and program level. However, internal audits go deeper in addressing compliance, data integrity, and internal controls. Unlike many internal audit functions that focus on financial controls and risks, our approach is much broader, covering virtually every aspect of school system operations. Gibson’s internal audit programs are not “gotcha” programs that investigate people; they are continuous improvement initiatives that enhance systems and processes. Internal Audits can be conducted as single projects or as long-term improvement programs.

Below are links to examples of Gibson’s performance audit and internal audit services.